"The ultimate program for total life transformation."  


Taylor's Testimony

Taylor is a mom of 4 kids and went from feeling overwhelmed, no schedule, stressed out panic attacks to feeling confident, free, and in control! 


Brandon's Testimony

Brandon has come off all 6+ medications he was taking for anxiety and depression!

Cherie's Testimony

Cherie is a grandmother and mom of 2 that went from feeling so stuck that she was depressed and barely went out of the house to feeling filled with joy, hope and on a fulfilling schedule to reach her life mission and goals. 


To empower every person in the world to realize, embrace, and achieve their greatest potential through a Christ-centered whole-life breakthrough method! The formula is based off of a method called POWHA and it is a new approach that is making huge breakthrough in so many lives around the world. It includes emotional and physical healing, fitness plans, time management, vision and goal setting, financial planning, and more!


Jonathan Cronin-

From Addict, depressed, and lost to minister, coach and ambassador of HOPE!

In 2010 Jonathan was facing 10 years in prison, he was addicted to meth and cocaine, and he was suicidal. God radically changed his life and His sentence. For the past 9 years he has started several ministries and primarily focused on helping to empower people to live the fullness of the life God has designed for them. He has been a counselor, fitness instructor, pastor, and evangelist.

Jessica Cronin-

From PTSD, traumatized and out of control to healed, free, and passionate!

Jessica grew up in a loving but broken family. She faced many traumatic events during childhood and in her teenage years, including rape, abuse, and assault. She became addicted to drugs and medications and was diagnosed with severe PTSD. She was told by a doctor that she would probably be on anxiety Medications for the rest of her life. Today, through many programs, mentors, and most of all Jesus, she has completely conquered and been set free from PTSD. She has been in ministry as a mentor, coach, a women's ministry director, and much more for around 5 years. 

Get coaching by Jonathan and Jess Cronin!

We invite you to a strategy call with us where we can hear more of your challenges and see if our online coaching program could help you! We have been able to help many people overcome major issues like anxiety, depression, or just lack of confidence and fulfillment in life overcome and enter into the purpose and destiny God has for them! Click the link below and apply to join. Once you submit that, we will look over it and if we feel like we can help you we will get in touch to schedule a call. 


What's Included

1. 24/7 private online community
2. Spirit & Life Signature curriculum
3. Weekly coaching 
5. Vision and goal setting (discovering purpose)
6. Total health and life healing 
7. Fitness and nutrition plans (with specific actions that play a part in our mental and emotional wellness)
8. Time management plans (with developing goals and passions)
9. Spirit and Life mobile app 
10. Engagement for continuous growth and global relationships

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